Monday–4:30am–John 12

Carrie and I crashed early yesterday.  We both had long days, but I think her’s was longer.  We crawled up into bed circa 8:30pm.  I had every intention of finishing the end of Eddie Murphy’s classic Coming to America (please hear the sarcasm in my voice), and then getting up and doing some work, but we both passed out.  “What?”  Yeah, 8:30pm.  Which means I was wide awake around 4:30am.  I used to stay up to 4:30, now I’m waking up at 4:30.

My morning devotion this morning was in John 12.1-11.  Just some thoughts.

1) What does the passage say about Jesus’s perspective on women during a time when the culture at large was largely misogynistic?

2) How does her action serve as a paradigm for Christian living, especially in light of the two surrounding sections of Scripture (11.45-57; 12.9-11)?  Thankfulness in light of grace performed in chapter 11 is the idea I’m getting at here.

3) Why in the world is she wiping his feet with her hair?  Sounds gross.

4) Why does John include the detail about the house being filled with perfume?

5) What does John’s detail about Judas’s regular theft convey about the depth and devilshness about his betrayal?

6) Do Jesus’s comments teach us anything about social ministries?

7) Was Lazarus upset b/c just after he gets raised up from the dead, some people are already wanting to kill him again?  What a Welcome-Back-From-the-Dead Party! (12.10).

Just some thoughts.

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