More Thoughts on John 12

Had an awesome night at New Wash last night. Drove a Mack truck, decorated the church for Christmas, ate some mini M&Ms, and got to see my church family. Love ’em.

My morning devotion was again in John 12.1-11-the same text as yesterday. Trying to get at the meaning of the text. So here are some thoughts/questions regarding it again:

-Social activism can be a mask or an insincere act of impurity. It is possible to serve the poor but with wrong motives. All our service has to get motivation from the love/devotion for/to Jesus. (vss7-8).

-How does John’s account square with Matt 26 and Mk 14 and Lk 7? Are Bible authors confusing details and getting stories confused? Seems like they’re not getting their stories right. Is the Bible historically reliable, then, or not? (I think, yes! We can talk more about this Sunday if you get curious! I’m still thinking through it!)

-What kinds of actions of devotion should I/must I show (like Mary) that might come at great cost to me personally/financially to prove that Jesus is Worthy of Greatest Worship?

-Is Lazarus an example for us of evangelism? Can people look at my life and see that I am a man “brought up from the dead?” (vs9-11)

-Mary washes Jesus’ feet before the disciples get told to do it for each other in chapter 13. She understood who Jesus was and is well before the disciples got it. She was a true disciple.

-There is a regular, daily living for Jesus that is not “extravagant” but is shown in acts of incremental faithfulness–devotional reading, prayer, etc. And then I think there are moments of “extravagant” displays of Christian devotion–whether it has to do with money, gifts to other people, evangelism, worship, all-day-devotions, (you can fill in the blank). I’m still thinking about this, but I do think we think Mary to be an exception to Christian living, and not the rule. But I don’t think that’s all of what John wants us to come away with. Jesus is so great, he is worthy of extravagant worship.



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