Sermon Post. Matthew 2.

Just wanted to give you a look at a sermon outline.  This one’s not very good.  But it’s a decent example.

1.    True Kingship Demands True Allegiance
a.    Herod the King rises up to strike down the newborn King
i.    Ultimate Act of Rebellion
1.    A troubling reality for the King.
2.    You can feel the tremors of a nation changing:
a.    1, 2, 3
3.    And look at the worship that the True Kingship demands.
4.    We may look at Herod and think, “What an idiot!”  Surely, we wouldn’t do such a strange thing.
a.    But isn’t that the same form of rebellion in us the book of Romans describes in its chapters:
i.    That we let “Sin reign in our bodies, obeying your passions.” 6.12
ii.    If you are not killing sin in your bodies, then sin is killing you.  And you are serving the Herod in your heart that wants nothing more than to destroy Jesus.
iii.    You may see Herod as some pagan king, and you would never….
iv.    But we do—but not so blatantly.
v.    Some of you may not believe, or may not care, or may think this is an abstract thing your parents are into and you’ll worry about it when you have kids or something.  But this reality should come crashing down on you.
vi.    Jesus Christ is King: Are you on his team, advancing his kingdom.  Or are you on the side of Herod, serving the one that wants to destroy him.
vii.    There’s no decision being described here.  There’s no baptism.  The wise men (who were probably black men) are the most devoted persons in the Christmas story (beyond Mary and Joseph) b/c they devoted their energies, their resources to the King.
viii.    They weren’t trusting their church membership, or a one-time act of baptism….  They followed Jesus.
ix.    Napolean.  The Revolution.  Investments in a future kingdom that is real, here , and coming.   See Jesus has come.  The King has come.  And he’s searching for followers.  True followers.  Who will give him everything—their life.
x.    So when you come to Christmas morning and you’re in the midst of new puppies, cell phones, sneakers, or an external hard drive, you remember that God is not interested in your church membership card, or your baptism day, he’s interested in your heart and life.  You remember the wise men, and recall them as pictures of true devotion.  They got it!!  And they are our model of devotion and faith.
1.    Miles Traveled.
2.    Knew their Scriptures.
3.    Risked their life.
2.    Prophetic Fulfillment
a.    God’s enemies always try to strike down God’s leaders in their early years.
1.    A baby born, born by unusual circumstances escapes death
2.    Sounds a lot like Moses, David, Samuel.
3.    The deliverer comes and the enemy rises up an agent of destruction, but a powerful agent, the ruler of a people.
4.    From Genesis, when God promises a deliever will come to destroy the snake, and rescue humanity from the schemes and hatred of his enemy.
5.    Not unlike the final chapters of the Bible, where a mighty foe is undone, exposed, and defeated by our coming Lord.
6.    The life of Jesus here in Matthew is signaling a pattern of history through which God works to undo the schemes of the evil one.  A little glimpse into how God is going to work.
7.    The greatest of powers attacks God’s plan in its infancy, and it is thwarted.
a.    Application: this season of joy may be a season of death for you….
b.    The Nations are Ingathered
i.    We don’t have time to really develop this
ii.    Suffice it to say, the OT expected the whole world to become worshippers of their God.  For the nations to be gathered in Israel and there honor their King.  But it never really happened.
iii.    And here we see it in a little town of Bethlehem.
iv.    Heard one guy preach on this passage say: This is about God blessing Mary for being obedient.  She got some gold.  Be obedient and you’ll get gold.

This is a true King and He demands True allegiance.  So when you’re opening up your brand new coffee maker or pair of socks or whatever, and you look down on that manger scene to see a little plastic or glass or porcelain pic of little Jesus.  You remember that you’re not staring into the face of a cute little child with rosy cheeks flanked by well-dressed shepherds and a perfectly-manicured mother.  You’re staring into the face of your King.  And you owe him your allegiance.  Let Christmas be a time for you when you let your true colors fly.  Be you Benedict Arnold or a true soldier for the King.


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