Thoughts in the Storm

Things are fun and not so fun in Louisville right now.

We’re being neighborly, and I’m getting to do man stuff…no offense to those who are women and like hacking trees and hauling for a few hours at a time.  So that’s fun.  It’s causing me to rethink the gospel a bit.  Specifically with relation to Genesis.  It is affirming to put in a day of labor in the earth, and watch what was catastrophic be managed into something organized–cleaned–dominated.  Work is good.  God made it that way.

My little family is having a good time.  We’ve been in close quarters, taking care of each other in different ways.  My future sister in law helped dig me out of a snow wall.  And my wife has been running the clean-up around the house, fixing furniture, and getting to know the future-sis-in-law better.  She’s awesome…they’re awesome.

Of course, the power outage stinks.  But we’re having fun.

More on this later..


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