Start of the New Year

It’s been awhile…

There’s been a good discussion going on at church over the past few weeks about the new year and some good questions like: “Are we going to reach people this year?” “What sort of things can we do in order to reach people this year?” “Will God answer prayers?”

One of the more interesting observations of the town of New Washington is what I call “The Gap.” 16-35 year olds are, for the most part, absent from community churches. And that’s not a phenomenon exclusive to New Wash; it’s like that in most towns. Though many, if not all, folks in the area would likely claim they are religious, maybe even “Christian,” people in that age group are hard-pressed to explain what a “Christian” is, how to become a “Christian,” or provide a good definition of the Gospel.

The Missing Generation, “The Gap.” Quite possibly the generation that is least familiar with Jesus in the history of New Washington. Are we going to reach them? Will God hear our prayers for The Gap to be filled with the Gospel?

Here is a pic of Louisville friends. Committed to the Gospel. Living amazing lives.

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